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De­cem­ber 2009, Stutt­gart‘s An­ti­fa­scist Oi! he­ro­es FREI­BOI­TER split up, after 12 suc­cess­ful years. But that was not an end, it was the be­gin­ning of so­me­thing new – the be­gin­ning of AR­TI­FI­CI­AL EYES.

Du­ring the last FREI­BOI­TER chord still fa­ding out, gui­ta­rist Micha con­ti­nu­ed song­wri­ting and re­cor­ded new demos. 12 tracks in 12 months was the goal. After fi­nis­hing the demo phase, he was as­king se­ver­al fri­ends from dif­fe­rent bands to join ART­FI­CI­AL EYES as a stu­dio pro­ject. But soon be­ca­me clear, this songs kick ass and should also be play­ed live. And loud!

In De­cem­ber 2011 AR­TI­FI­CI­AL EYES en­t­e­red the stage for the first time as sup­port of Ger­ma­ny’s fa­mous LOI­KA­E­MIE. Ham­burg & Ber­lin, two shows, 1200 people.

Street-Date for the debut album cal­led RE­VOLT will be September 14th 2012.

An­ti­fa. Punk.
AE, 2012

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